Our rewarding market research opportunities include online focus groups (informal group discussions involving six to eight people), one-on-one interviews (currently online or by phone), online bulletin boards (where you are asked to answer a series of questions over several days) and online surveys.
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Anyone who is 18 years old or older is eligible to sign up for the ParticipantHub Panel (our go-to group of people who have registered to participate in studies).
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Based on the information you provide when you sign up, we may contact you by email about taking part in market research studies. You can also follow us on and to hear about the latest opportunities and volunteer to take part.
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Before you take part in a particular study, we will ask you some additional questions to check that you match the client’s requirements and are available when the study is taking place. If you are selected, we will then call you to confirm your participation. We will only call at a time convenient for you and we will ensure that the call time is kept to a minimum.
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Once your participation is confirmed, you will be sent a reminder email saying when and where the research will take place. A reminder call will also be made to you, or a text sent to you, the day before the research to ensure you don’t forget to attend. All you need to do is take part and share your thoughts.
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After you have completed the research we pay your reward in the form of a bank transfer, PayPal payment or Amazon voucher.

Areas of research for which you may be chosen

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Companies and brands want your help to improve their products and services. You might be asked to smell new scents for personal care products, taste new food and drink flavours, give your opinions about cars, banks or restaurant chains in a focus group, or make a short video about a trip to your local supermarket.
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Business to business (B2B)

Companies want to talk to existing and prospective customers to understand how they buy products and services and what features are most important to them. You don’t necessarily have to be a high-powered executive to take part in B2B market research – we’ve also arranged interviews with farmers, delivery drivers, electricians, building managers and garage owners.
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Technology is becoming more and more important in our lives and FieldworkHub conducts a lot of market research in this area. We’ve recently run studies on smart home devices, virtual reality headsets, online advertising, and social networking platforms, as well as testing of a variety of different apps and online services and focus groups on attitudes towards technology companies.

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We regularly arrange interviews with healthcare professionals. Recent studies have involved cardiologists, dieticians, haematologists, oncologists, pharmacists and nurses. We also arrange interviews with patients with a variety of conditions. Recent projects have involved diabetes, eczema, haemophilia, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.

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