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Here are some projects that we have completed recently with people recruited from our panel.

These projects are no longer accepting new respondents, but please follow us on function does not exist, function does not exist and function does not exist to stay up to date with the latest opportunities.
Close up of beer can

Taste testing research in London

Analytical Flavor Systems (AFS) is a US-based predictive analytics company for the consumer packaged goods and food & beverage industries. AFS was carrying out taste tests with large groups in many different countries and due to last-minute schedule changes, FieldworkHub was asked to arrange the groups in London with less than one week’s notice. We recruited 100 taste tasting participants to take part in the first day of testing and helped AFS to select 25 participants from the original group for two more days of testing. We also arranged venues and incentives for all three days and bought in items to be tasted and serving supplies.

A garage owner talking to two mechanics in a repair garage. Various cars are visible

Interviews with garage owners in Manchester

FieldworkHub recruited owners of small and medium-sized independent garages in the Manchester area to take part in face-to-face in-depth interviews at their places of work on the subject of engine coolants and fuel additives. As part of the telephone screening process we established what brands of coolants and fuel additives they currently sold and whether they had a customer display of these products. The interviews were completed successfully over a two-day period. In a second phase of this project, we also recruited commuters, cab drivers, car enthusiasts and vintage car drivers for in-depth interviews via video conference on coolants and fuel additives.

Diverse group of young market research participants sit listening to instructions from moderator

Problem-solving groups for academic research in London

Imperial College London and the University of Melbourne were co-operating on a project to explore how groups of people work together to solve problems. FieldworkHub was asked to recruit, schedule and manage incentives for 50 groups of seven people over a seven-week period (350 respondents in total) to attend a moderated two-hour session at Imperial’s campus in London where they participated in the research by trying to solve a series of problems together. Each group contained a mix of male and female respondents of varying ages and with varying levels of education. We recruited successfully for all the groups and the clients were able to complete their research on time.

Young couple with estate agent looking around a rental flat

Focus groups with home renters in SW London

FieldworkHub arranged two focus groups with people who lived in a particular district of South West London and rented their home from a private landlord. One group comprised residents aged 25-39 and the other group comprised residents aged 40-55. We successfully recruited a mix of male and female respondents with varying incomes and rent levels who had lived in the area for varying amounts of time.

Solar panels on the roof of detached house generating renewable energy

Online bulletin boards on energy consumption, UK and Germany

Our client needed rapid turnaround recruitment of different types of domestic energy customer in each of the UK and Germany for online bulletin boards on attitudes towards energy use and generating energy at home from renewable sources. The profiles included people with domestic solar panels or a small-scale wind turbine, high-tech early adopters and value-driven consumers with limited financial resources. We recruited all of the profiles over a holiday weekend and arranged for them to complete the bulletin board over a two-day period. We also arranged for our client to conduct home ethnographic interviews with some UK and German participants.

Young woman wearing virtual reality goggles and reaching out left hand in amazement

Research on VR headsets in UK, France and Germany

We were asked to recruit respondents in the UK and 30 in each of France and Germany to provide feedback on virtual reality (VR) headsets made by a leading brand. The manufacturer wanted their views on both the products themselves and the way in which they were promoted through point-of-sale displays. Respondents needed to be existing owners of a VR headset or intending to purchase one in the next 90 days and all needed to be willing to travel to one of the stores designated by the client to view the point-of-sale material and take photos and videos while in store. We successfully recruited 70 respondents and provided encouragement for them to make the store visits and complete the in store activities, thus exceeding the client’s target of 50 completes.

Two glasses of Turkish raki on a table with bowls of snacks and an open bottle of water in the background

Research in Germany on alcoholic beverages

Our client wanted to conduct 75-minute interviews with Turkish migrants in Germany who regularly purchase and consume Raki drinks to understand how widely recognised their brand name was, what attributes they associated with the brand and what factors were important to respondents when selecting these drinks. Our work involved providing the project management of the fieldwork process, including finding and booking suitable facilities and recruiting over 15 participants who met the clients quotas. In order to accommodate language barriers and time constraints, our services included the arrangement of both in home and in facility face-to-face interviews with interpreters being present for all interviews.

Female university applicant seated across from interviewers and shaking hands as she completes an admissions interview

Remote user testing of new university application system

The University of Cambridge had created a new online application system for candidates wishing to study at Cambridge to use in the upcoming academic year. Our client wanted to conduct a number of 60-minute remote user tests via Zoom, with a sample of prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students who were applying to top universities in the UK. The user tests involved students trialling the new application and providing feedback on what worked and what needed improving. We contacted, recruited and screened in 14 respondents in less than a week. To encourage participation and ensure we had no last minute cancellations, we sent reminder emails and checked in with the respondents by  phone.

A row of colourful English holiday homes for leisure travellers in a seaside town on a sunny day

Telephone interviews with owners of holiday properties in the UK

Our client wanted to conduct telephone interviews lasting 15-30 minutes with UK-based self-contained holiday home owners who had advertised them for rent on various online platforms such as Airbnb, Sykes Cottages and Cottage Stay UK. The aim of the research was to understand preferences and dissatisfaction with existing platforms, and gain a general insight into the holiday home rental industry. We initially began by recruiting from our panel, and then turned to a free find approach when the criteria for interviewees changed during the course of the research. We successfully recruited 17 respondents in this niche market and our research was an input to a decision by two leading brands to buy out a major holiday home rental platform.

Petrol station at dusk with cars visible on forecourt and shop at the rear

Eye-tracking research in UK petrol stations

A well-established fuel retailer wanted to carry out 30-minute interviews which consisted of an initial eye-tracking activity and a follow up interview. Our work involved recruiting particular B2C profiles to take part in research into purchasing habits in petrol stations. Respondents had to live within a certain distance of the stations where research had been scheduled and meet particular screening criteria set by the client. The main focus of the research was on how customers were drawn to particular product categories and various advertising spaces once they entered a petrol station. We recruited and screened in over 40 participants and arranged for the client to speak to them all.

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