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Research with teens and young adults in the UK about buying sportswear

Recruitment of teens and young adults who buy sportswear - Young woman trying on trainers in sports store with help from a male fitness enthusiast
Start Date:
05 Feb 2024
End Date:
19 Feb 2024
90 mins + shopping trip to be completed in advance
£100 (teens), £150 (adults)
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What are we looking for?

Teens and young adults in the UK who buy sportwear (clothes and footwear).

What does it involve?

A 90-minute online group discussion or online interview in the New Year. If you are selected to take part, you willl also need to complete a shopping trip before your discussion or interview.

What’s the reward?

If you qualify, are selected to take part, and successfully complete the discussion or interview, you will receive £100 (teens) or £150 (adults) paid via a wide range of commercial gift cards.

How to take part?

Complete the online application using the button below, and if you’re eligible, we’ll give you a call in early January!

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