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Is market research still happening?

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In the past you may have taken part in face-to-face market research and perhaps you are wondering what has happened  to these projects as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.  During lockdown all face-to-face market research was paused so companies wanting to carry out research started looking at alternative online methodologies . As we emerge […]

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Why should I join a focus group? A guide for Generation Z

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Opinions –  everyone’s got one. And there’s no shortage of platforms to share them on. From online satisfaction surveys to live chats and social media, brands are hungry for them. It can feel like shouting into a void, but it doesn’t have to be one-sided exchange. You can make some quick, easy cash by taking […]

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MyFieldworkHub is FieldworkHub's dedicated site for people who want to take part in market research studies. We are a UK-based market research agency, but we conduct research in many different countries.
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